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The For-Cause Chapter Leader role is a volunteer position that manages the activities of approved Sponsoring Non-Profits (SNP) chapter locations.   It is the highest position a person can hold in a local For-Cause Chapter.

Those who are considering applying should understand that being aFor-CauseChapter Leader is a commitment that will be challenging but also rewarding, both personally and professionally.   As an official and public representative of a SNP, leaders must hold high ethical standards that are beyond the typical expectations seen in society.  

Many people join nonprofit boards, teams, and organizations for casual involvement or to add something to their resume.  Our SPN organizations are looking for enthusiastic people that are eager to get involved in their community through hands-on outreach.

Through For-Cause Chapter Programs, sponsoring non-profit's aim to change lives of the people and mission they service.  This should not be look at as an easy task but you can be sure it will be rewarding so find out more today.